Monday, December 24, 2012

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We went to California a couple of weeks ago and it was THE BEST TRIP EVER!!  Seriously, I don't think Disneyland has ever been more fun than brining my kids for the first time.  They were in heaven from the time we walked through Downtown Disney.  So awesome!!  There are TONS of pictures, so I will just share a few from Disneyland in this post and then post some beach pictures later this week.  I may or may not have had a little tear in my eye seeing my kids so excited and getting to share one of my favorite childhood vacations with them.  So here are some of the highlights: 

 Micky Mouse's House
 The whole group: My mom and dad, Me, Darren and the kids, my sister Linsey, her husband Shawn and their son Kayson, my sister Courtney and her husband Jake and my brother, Brad.  This is just outside of Carsland, which was AWESOME!!
 Grandpa with Presley and Savannah
So Beckham may not have wanted to be in a picture with Minnie Mouse.
 My new favorite ride. Carsland at Disney Adventure was fantastic!! I wish you could see the kids faces in this picture. A mixture of pure joy and terror.  

 Of course, Presley doesn't feel at home unless she is in a Dr. office somewhere.  She just happened to choose to see the one at Disneyland.  She fell and hit the back of her head where she had a nice little divet of skin taken out.  She was a trooper though.  Once we were done there, she was her normal little self and wanted to go on more rides.

 Star Tours was Beckham's favorite ride.  We went on that one a few times

Daily dose of Micky Mouse ice cream.. Mmmm
Brinley got to meet her favorite new princess, Merida from Brave. I wish we would have gotten a picture with just her and Merida but we did one with all of us.  After meeting her, she got to shoot her own arrow.  

Honestly, I wish we could have stayed a full week there. We loved it!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Long Over Due

So I know I always say I haven't posted forever, but I think this has been the longest stretch.  Things have been a little crazy this summer. We moved into a different house here in Surprise in June.  It's a long story, but it starts by finding out that the house we were living in was a meth lab and it ends with us finding a PERFECT house for us that we are renting from a LDS family who is in Utah getting their Master's from BYU.  We are loving it!  It has a huge backyard with a swing set. I will post pictures.. one day.
After getting settled into the house somewhat, we went to a family reunion with Darren's brothers and their families to Palm Springs, CA.  That was a fun filled vacation that included lots of pool time, golfing for the boys, glow in the dark parties for the kids, and a trip to Knott's Berry Farm.
Then we celebrated Beckham's 4th birthday in June.  What a great kid he is.  He loves everything Batman and Spiderman.  I love that kid..
A couple of weeks after CA the kids and I took a trip to Utah for a couple of events.  My mom's parents had their 50th wedding anniversary celebration. It was so fun to see family that I haven't seen in ages and my grandparents friends that I knew as a kid. From Utah, I followed my parents to Boise, ID for my dad's parents 50th wedding anniversary celebration.  That was also so fun. This one just included family. But there were cousins of mine there that I hadn't seen in years and it was so fun to catch up.  
After the week in UT and a weekend in ID, I came back home to Darren, who was super lonely while we were gone.  It was nice to be back.  It has been 2 weeks since then and today our next adventure began when we sent Brinley off to her first day of kindergarten.  She was ecstatic to go!  We are so happy for her and so proud of her.  She is getting so big.  It was hard to be sad when I dropped her off because she was just so excited.  But then I came home and it was really hard not having her around all day.  She is missed by me and her siblings.  
Well that is the condensed version of our summer.  It has been a crazy one, with lots of stressful things going on in our lives, but those are definitely outweighed by our happy memories that we have been able to make and the joy we have in our lives! 
Here are just a couple of pictures....
All the little cousins getting on one last ride

 Happy Birthday Beckham
 Family pictures in Idaho
Brinley's 1st day of school

Friday, May 4, 2012


Ok, so things have been a little crazy... so here is an update.  We moved to AZ at the beginning of March and so far have really enjoyed it.  Ask me again in the summer and I may have a different opinion.  We are in a great neighborhood and live pretty close to Darren's brother, which is nice that the kids have cousins there.  It is weird to be living away from the majority of our family.  We are excited for this chapter of our lives. 

Presley turned 2 in March and is getting so big.  She has such a little attitude and a big personality.  We are actually in Utah visiting right now.  Presley had to get a second set of tubes placed in her ears at the end of April, so we came here so we can stick with the same doctors she will continue to see with her cleft.  Everything went really well and it is amazing to see the difference in her demeanor.  She is so much happier now that the pressure in her ears is gone.  She is still a little spit fire and I am sure she will most likely give me gray hair at an early age.

Savannah is almost 6 months old and is such a good baby.  She is happy  most of the time and loves to watch her siblings play.

I will update more later but thought I should probably post something because I feel like it has been ages.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Savannah's Blessing

This Sunday Darren was able to give Savannah a blessing. He did such a great job and gave her a beautiful blessing. Savannah is such a joy in our life and is such a good baby. We love her so much and are so grateful she chose us as her parents. We love you baby!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Savannah's 2 Months

Savannah had her two month checkup today and was such a trooper. She had to get three shots. Poor baby
Weight: 10 lbs 15 oz 50%
Length: 22 1/4 inches 50%

Thursday, December 29, 2011


So my sister took a bunch of pictures of Savannah for me and I am so happy with how they turned out.. While we were doing those pictures, she also took a couple of my other girls {Beckham was sick} in between getting Savannah fed. Here are a few of my favorite...
This picture sums up Presley's personality perfectly.. Her hair is always in her face {I am trying to let her bangs grow out}
Brinley is our photogenic little girl, she loves to be in front of the camera
We took the opportunity to get a picture of all of the grandkids on my side for my mom for Christmas {keep in mind Beckham did not feel good, poor guy}

And of course how could you not love this girl.. I love her chubby little cheeks. Thanks Lins for the fun day!